Maintain brand consistency
in every single store of your network

We help improve its efficiency and increase your sales by spotting the best product placements

Many stores, one platform

The Brand Monitor is an online platform that helps retail brands bring consistency and efficiency to their in-store visual merchandising

Team coordination and communication

across multiple stores and functional units
(e.g. VM <-> sales)

Instant reporting

to diffetent stakeholders, from C-level executives to regional merchandisers from the VM team


See product performance according to visibility in store after rotation. Link rotations to sales, bring top products  to key focus zones

120 luxury fashion stores
are using The Brand Monitor to raise
standards and implement consistency

“The Brand Monitor has been a game-changer for our global retail network. It has enabled us to train our staff on the best practices of visual merchandising and presentation rules of our brand. It has also helped us optimize our in-store zoning and architecture to maximize sales and customer satisfaction. The team behind The Brand Monitor is always available and attentive to our needs and feedback. We highly recommend The Brand Monitor to any retail brand that wants to achieve excellence and consistency in their visual merchandising.” 

Features / Analytics

Learn how your in-store zoning
and presentation affect sales

Calculate ROI of each item’s placement in a store

Identify in-store opportunities with a heat map of the store

Conduct A/B testing of placements, rotations, etc.

Draw parallels between different stores and regions, apply best practices

Features / Onboarding and training

Onboard and train your staff

The Brand Monitor keeps the record of all rotations and
best practices, so it can be used as:

Knowledge base

for newcomers and the existing employees

Training module

to facilitate learning presentation rules of your brand for your employees

Features / Ideation

Your staff are the eyes of your brand,
so let them share what they see

An ideation platform where everyone can contribute their ideas and
make them visible to all the company, like on an Instagram Feed


Times higher chances of being a top financial performer for companies engaging employees in decision-making (McKinsey survey)

3 stages of integration

The Brand Monitor is fully customized
to meet your brand guidelines

Design sprint

Setting out the objectives, agreeing scope and ownership


One month to the first delivery


24/7 support

Modular pricing

Fixed price setup

Monthly subscription based
on the number of stores and
features you choose

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We help improve its efficiency and increase your sales by spotting the best product placements

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